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All of our sales are final. However, we accept returns for exchange or refund when the items you purchased are damaged upon delivery. The products that leave our warehouse are in perfect condition, but it is known in the industry that up to 5% of the stones get damaged during freight shipping and unloading. Our prices, the calculated shipping cost, and the industry standard of ordering 10% extra are based on this loss.

Please realize a broken or chipped stone can still be used. Use broken or chipped panels for installation in corners, top and bottom trim pieces, and as end-of-row trim pieces.

If more than 5% of your order is damaged upon arrival, please refuse the shipment or note the damages on the delivery slip and have it signed by the driver. Even when the outside of the boxes looks perfect, make sure you open a random number of boxes with the driver present, to see if the content of the boxes look okay. In case of excessive damages please contact us next business day at with a copy of the signed delivery slip, your order information, and details of the defect (e.g. photos).

Our top priority is to keep your home improvement project on schedule. After determining the problem and the responsibility, we will ship out additional material that solve the problem as quickly as possible. When it is not possible to ship out additional material, you will be allowed to ship the order back to us. You will be given a return registration number (RRN), instructions and a shipping address. After our examination and approval of the returned product, we will refund the purchase price of your order. Of course we will keep you informed about every step in this process.

ECOSTONE USA is not liable for any consequential damages (e.g. return shipping costs, and extra installation costs) arising from damaged products.

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